Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February Updates

The month of February has almost gone by. The world outside the windows look a lot whiter, and air feels a little colder inside as well. So most of the time me and Sophia snuggle in Zinger's room which is one of the warmer area in the house.

So, first of all, February has this thing called "Valentine's Day". Sadly my husband has left me long ago leaving me having to find a home with all the babies inside me. Luckily I found Frances's dad. The heartless husband is probably still in Tennessee... I don't expect him to visit me anytime soon. I have raised my babies well as a underage single mom. Now I live in a safe and warm home, and the slaves here feed me regularly. So I guess I don't need boy cats. They are silly anyway.

And then on the 18th there was this "Chinese New Year" thing, which no one seems to celebrate but Zinger. We got some yummy kitty can food since Zinger insisted that it's a time of the year to be lazy and enjoy yummy food together as a family. Obviously I had no objection, I hoped everyday is Chinese New Year.

And then yesterday, Zinger told me that she has scheduled me and Sophia for an appointment to be "spayed" on April 16th, which is the same day as Boston Marathon and is when Sophia is slightly more than 6 months old. I am not exactly sure what "spaying" means but she said I won't need to worry about having more babies in the future after I get spayed. I guess that's a good thing. Taking care of all those babies were so tiring! But they were all so cute!!.. I miss them much!! Hope they are all happy in their families.

Time for me to go get massages from Zinger now. Chao~

Family Life

Sophia and I have spent most of the cold February snuggling inside Zinger's warm room and the wonderful bed of ours.

Sophia stretching!

napping is the most appropriate activity in cold weather

We pose for picture. But seriously, Zinger is too addicted in taking pictures of us.

We just woke up!

We hug and clean each other often

Looking out the windows to see if some cute male cats happen to walk by

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Longer Kitty

Sophia kitty is growing... longer! Size wise she is not that much bigger, but she is getting longer. I am guessing it has to do with her constantly stretching her body, even when she sleeps sometimes. So now, she has ears nearly as big as my ear size, her tail nearly as long and thick as my tail size, and this long skinny body. In contrast to her, my figure has not changed significantly, thus Judo-skill wise, she is still no match to me.

According to report from Zinger, Zena-dotty kitty and Blacky kitty are both reported to be stretching longer as well. Zena-dotty still sleeps with her owners on their bed every night, and her relationship with the other cat in the house is growing stronger. Blacky kitty has adventured to the top of refrigerator and enjoys launching his sneak attack to people who walk by the fridge.

Sophia stretching her body to look out the window.

Sophia enjoy sleeping in stretchy pose as well...

Wake up stretch is very important for starting new kitty adventure

Or sometimes Sophia simply enjoying working on some yoga stretching on the full size comfortable bed, which we have declared as ours.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cold weather!!

It has been so cold lately~ I never have imagined that I would grow so much hair on me..... How come I don't remember anything being this cold before?? Wait, I am from Tennessee... I guess that explains it.

The other day Zinger and Nate were sitting in the common room with this weird thing that has a little light at the top. They called it a "candle"... They were all freaking out when me or Sophia approached it. At some point Zinger and Nate kept attacking my tail as if there were something on it... and then I smelled this stinky animal hair burning smell... where was that from?? After that Zinger put the candle away and I have never seen it again...
(Note from Zinger: Rukia set her tail on fire... it was put off immediately and everything is fine...)

Kitten and I recently discovered that this bed in Zinger's room is a warm and comfortable spot for napping in this cold weather. So we claim the bed ours and sleep on it all the time now. Sometimes we let Zinger to sleep on it too. .. check out the pictures!

How did Sophia manage to find a comfortable spot on the oddly shaped comforter? Isn't flat surface better?

Sophia also likes blanket a lot..

Sophia found her way into Zinger's warm sweater.

Kitten in sweater