Saturday, March 24, 2007


It's March, supposely. Thus by definition, it's spring time. Where is my nice weather? Where are the cute boy cats? Where is my spring?

I have intense craving for boy cats lately.... I cannot explain why. For quite a while I thought I had enough of boys - just look at how irresponsible my ex- was, leaving me pregnant and walked away with other girl cats. Although my belly was big and made me a little un-attractive, under Zinger's careful diet plan I have already regained my sexy and curvy figure. If Zinger can provide some boy hooker cats that would make my life even better. But she would not respond to me no matter how loud I demanded.

Thus one day while Zinger was talking to Diana by the back door, I decided to adventure for my sexual freedom. I stepped outside.... and was very confused why it was snowy and white out. Wasn't it March since quite a while ago? And only after 3 seconds of freedom, Diana grabbed me and handed me to Zinger. And I heard them commenting on my lack of agility. Those silly human has no idea what mature posture and lofty elegance mean. Well at least I confirmed that there are no boys around out there. But that's no help for easing my intense urges. So I guess in the mean time I can only work on convincing Zinger bringing me boy hooker cats by demanding loudly.

I am looking for my spring....

I am waiting for attention.

Sometimes the kiddo get more attention then me... ah.