Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 2 Year Old Kitties!

Hi everyone, long time no post. Today is my kiddo's 2 year old birthday. It's hard to believe they are two already, although Sophia is almost as big as me now. I wish all other kiddo's are doing well out there and have their own celebration today too.

I'm hoping Zinger will be able to spend some time with us on the porch sometimes, but she seems busy all the time lately. At one point she was gone for a week and came back smelling like cigarette. Nate had to come in to keep us company.

Wish all the kitties happy and cheery out there!

Here's some updates from Xena's family:

G: Thank you for reminding me
I will give her two mice tomorrow
since she is two!
G: Xena sys thanks!
She got to out early today
she sneaked out while they were going to the airport at 0600
G: i think she is very happy cause now she wants to show me her latest catch, she is at the window with a mouse